Aws Amplify Sns

iamServiceRoleArn (string) -- AWS IAM service role for an Amplify App; oauthToken (string) -- OAuth token for 3rd party source control system for an Amplify App, used to create webhook and read-only deploy key. The AWS re:Invent conference was held October 6–9, 2015 in Las Vegas. 0 Authorization Code. The AWS account IDs of the users (pr incipals) who will be giv en access to the specified actions. 0 Authorization Code. AWS AppSync/GraphQL subscriptions coupled with AWS Amplify sound amazing, since out of the box you can subscribe all your clients to high-level domain events specified in your schema. Become a contributor and improve the site yourself. An extremely useful AWS serverless microservice pattern is to distribute an event to one or more SQS queues using SNS. This is what I currently have to authenticate aws with the identitypool that I have linked to my userpool: >// Add the User's Id Token to the Cognito credentials login map. AWS Amplify is a new tool which enable us to create resources via CLI and also provides SDK. Valid values: any Amazon SNS action name.